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IKV TRIBOLOGY support the recommendations laid down by ISO / DIS 14159 advising use of only food grade lubricants in all applications on a food production site to avoid confusion or accidental contamination from non-food grade lubricants in the food processing environment.

The food processing lubricant range offered by IKV TRIBOLOGY satisfy the domestic regulations for this sector.

IKV TRIBOLOGY offer a wide range of products which are resistant to extreme high temperatures, high loads, water ingress and all other challenges faced by the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

We have recently added new products to our food safe range including food safe lubricant aerosols which offer a convenient and neat package of the ‘product’ and ‘means of application’ in a simple to use and efficient package.

Lubricants such as oils and greases are combined  with a solvent/carrier solution and a propellant in a formulation that allows the material to atomise and be applied in a thin layer. Once applied the carrier will evaporate allowing the grease or oil to be left behind to lubricate the components.

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