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A number of factors must be considered when choosing a lubricant for a particular application, amongst these is the minimum, maximum and nominal temperature of the environment in which it is expected to work.

Often lubricants are expected to work continuously at a level close to their maximum or minimum temperature capabilities. This can lead to inefficient operation, premature wear, component failure and expensive repairs and downtime.

If we consider an oil as a fluid and a grease as an oil or fluid within a thickener (which acts like a sponge), it is easy to understand that the viscosity or ‘thickness’ of the oil at the operating temperature becomes critical to the correct operation of the film of lubricant.

If a lubricant is too thin at high temperatures it will not provide an adequate lubricating film under load, however, if at lower temperatures it becomes too thick or even freezes it will make it more difficult (or even impossible) to shear the film. In some cases the component can seize solid.

It is also necessary to consider the operating parameters of the application when choosing a suitable product. For example, the speed, loads, materials employed, sealing system design, moisture, chemicals and other factors are equally important.

IKV offer a full range of low temperature lubricants including oils, greases and dry film coatings, specifically developed for applications in cryogenic and extreme low temperature environments

Often the lubricant whether oil grease or dry film is expected to operate in a wide operating temperature range, which can be even more demanding on the lubricant. In these instances IKV offer fluorinated (PFPE) oils and greases for operating temperatures from –90 to 300°C.

IKV Lubricants also supply dry film coatings which will work at even more extreme temperatures.

IKV TRIBOSTAR ELK 22 is a grease formulated with a special synthetic base oil having a low dynamic viscosity and excellent stability in the presence of high shear and throughout a wide operating temperature range. It contains a complete additive package including anti-oxidising, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives and is compatible with all elastomers with the exception of EPDM.

IKV TRIBOSTAR ELK 22 is especially suitable for the long life lubrication of bearings or journals exposed to low temperatures or very high speeds and where a low torque is required. Applications include electric motors, machine tools, gears, aeronautical bearings and other precision machinery.

Temperature range: -50 to 130°C.

IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 is a beige, barium complex thickened, fully synthetic grease designed for high speed needle bearings and spindle bearings where a very high speed factor grease with resistance to cutting fluids and water ingress is required. Speed factor for this grease is Dn 1,000,000.

IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 has a wide operating temperature range and very good resistance to aqueous solutions. The grease contains anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives, as well as a special anti-corrosion package. The special properties of IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 make it a grease of exceptional performance and durability, ideal for the lubrication of very high speed bearings throughout a wide operating temperature range. Typical applications include; electric motors, machine tools, aeronautical applications and precision bearings.

It is particularly recommended where there is a risk of water ingress, cutting fluid contamination or in the presence of condensation.

Temperature range: -40 to 150°C.

IKV TRIBOSIL PLS 82 is a special grease formulated from a lithium soap and a medium viscosity phenylmethylpolysiloxane oil. It has an excellent thermal stability under temperatures from –73 to 180°C and an exceptional resistance to water, even warm and steam.

IKV TRIBOSIL PLS 82 was developed for the lubrication of bearings operating under light to moderate loads as well as mechanisms intended for the transformation of plastic or rubber parts. It is widely used for the lubrication of mechanical elements working at low temperatures including freezer castor wheels, cold room conveyors, wiper gears, surveying equipment, starter clutch drives, photographic equipment and sensitive laboratory equipment.

IKV TRIBOSIL PLS 82 is generally compatible with all plastics, metals, elastomers and seals except those containing silicones, however, it is adviseable to do preliminary tests. It can be applied with a brush on perfectly clean surfaces.

Temperature range: -73 to 180°C.

For more EXTREME LOW TEMPERATURES or where a silicone based lubricant is not suitable, a PFPE based product may be the best solution.

ZAROX DXN 82 is a non-flammable, white grease, formulated with a specially selected fluorinated oil (PFPE) with a very wide operating temperature range, combined with a PTFE telomer thickener. This grease provides an extraordinary combination of properties including:

– Outstanding oxidation resistance
– Excellent high and low temperature stability
– Excellent lubrication properties
– Excellent di-electric properties
– Compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers
– Radiation resistance
– Exceptional chemical inertness and resistance to common solvents

ZAROX DXN 82 is an excellent choice for the lubrication of bearings, valves, sliding components or ball joints subjected to extreme high and low temperatures or to aggressive atmospheres which would deteriorate conventional lubricants. The grease was designed for the lubrication of components and bearings within the glass, textile, plastic film, paint, chemical, nuclear, electrical and robotic industries. ZAROX DXN 82 is equally well suited for the lubrication of electrical contacts in medium and high voltage switchgears or as a dielectric agent.

Temperature range: -75 to +260°C.

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