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Graphite Based Coatings

Dry lubricant – Graphite Bonded Coatings

Graphite bonded coatings protect metals against corrosion and wear and are particularly suitable for vacuum applications or applications subject to UV or x-ray radiation, aggressive environments and extremely high or low temperatures.

Main applications include small parts in precision equipment, electronics, automotive components and textile machines.

IKV-FILMSEC 1084 is a dry film designed to render a long lasting surface treatment utilising the base functions of Lamellar hexagonal graphite.

IKV-FILMSEC 1084 in normal conditions a very light coat is applied, creating a film inferior to 20 um. A thick coat will have a much longer drying time and may cause the product to run, reducing its adherence. During frictional contact the product is transformed into a stabilised and durable (leaf) of protection.

IKV-FILMSEC 1084 comes in an aerosol and may be applied in the same manner as spray paint. This product is also available in bulk. The surfaces to be treated must be completely degreased and clean before application. The presence of silicone products, even in small amounts may cause adherence problems.

IKV-FILMSEC 1084 may be applied to all surfaces that are compatible with ethanol. To improve adherence the materials surfaces may be roughened by sand or glass bead blasting, or chemically, using the appropriate product.

Operating temperature: up to 1000°C.

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