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Calcium Greases

Calcium greases are basic greases which provide high-anti rust capacity and high water resistance. They have a mineral oil base and are used as general lubricants for metallic surfaces, frames and car bodies.

Our range includes conventional calcium grease, special calcium grease, special lithium-calcium grease, graphite anhydrous-calcium grease, lithium-calcium EP (extreme pressure) grease, calcium complex grease and calcium sulphonate grease.

Calcium Sulfonate Grease

IKV TRIBOFOOD WSC 102 is an NSF H-1 registered grease formulated from a calcium sulfonate soap, a white oil and carefully selected additives. This formulation has a great affinity with metals and good lubricating properties including :

  • excellent load bearing capacity
  • high anti-wear performance
  • excellent thermal stability (constant up to 150°C with peaks of 170°C)
  • maintains consistency and lubrication in the presence of water, food acids, juices and by-products
  • does not dissipate out of bearings under steam cleaning
  • highly resistant to water washout and most sterilising chemicals used in cleaning.

IKV TRIBOFOOD WSC 102 is an EP multi-purpose grease, recommended for various applications in the food and food related industry operating under severe conditions (high load, high temperature, water, dust, etc.).  It is a long-lasting grease suitable for all bearings, sliding bearings, joints, chains, open gears, conveyors, runners and tap systems.

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