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Barium Complex Grease

Barium complex greases have excellent properties as high performance greases, they have outstanding chemical resistance, excellent load carrying capacity and very good temperature resistance.

Benefiting from a drop point above 220°C, this soap has the advantage of giving grease a very good water resistance as well as good mechanical operating stability.

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Our TRIBOSTAR greases have a base of high viscosity oil and are ideal for overhead conveyor bearing applications and other aggressive environments where long life, no drop and wash-out resistance are important. TRIBOSTAR EBK greases are also available in a range of NLGI grades and include greases capable of pumping through centralised lubrication systems.

We also have barium complex greases for heavy industry applications such as rolling mill bearings and offshore, dock side and marine applications.

Solid lubricants such as molybdenum di-sulphide (moly) and graphite are added in heavily loaded applications to offer greater load carrying capacity, extreme pressure (EP) properties and boundary lubrication.

See below a list of some of our Barium range:-

Our IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 is a barium complex thickened, fully synthetic grease designed specifically for high speed needle bearings and spindle bearings where a very high speed factor grease with resistance to cutting fluids and water ingress is required. Speed factor for this grease is Dn 1,000,000.

IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 is a special grease based upon a synthetic oil with a low dynamic viscosity and excellent shear stability. The oil is thickened with a special barium complex soap to form a soft, beige coloured grease. It has a wide operating temperature range and has a very good resistance to aqueous solutions. This grease contains anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives, as well as a special anti-corrosion package.

The special properties of IKV TRIBOSTAR EBK 22 make it a grease of exceptional performance and durability, ideal for the lubrication of very high speed bearings throughout a wide operating temperature range. Typical applications include; electric motors, machine tools, aeronautical applications and precision bearings. It is particularly recommended where there is a risk of water ingress, cutting fluid contamination or in the presence of condensation. Temperature range: -40 to 150°C.

IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 222 is a special barium complex soap thickened grease based upon a medium viscosity mineral oil offering resistance to water washout, steam, acid and alkaline solutions, where long life lubrication of components is required.

IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 222 has excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties with an excellent adherence to metal, high temperature resistance and mechanical stability. It is classified X-CEIB 2 according to the ISO 6743-9 (NF T 60-506) standard. This grease is ideal for the lubrication of bearings, journals or heavily loaded articulations functioning in an aqueous environment. Applications include pumps, electric motors, washing machines, conveyor systems and transfer rollers. It is particularly well suited as a multi-purpose grease in the chemical and textile industries. Temperature range: -25 to 150°C

IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2G is a special, long life, barium complex thickened grease with a base oil offering excellent resistance to ageing, water-washout, hot water, vapour, acid and alkaline solutions. It is ideal when extended re-lubrication intervals are required, possesses excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosive properties and offers superior adhesion to metals. It is resistant to temperatures up to 150°C.

IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2G is compatible with all seals and elastomers except EPDM. It contains graphite as a solid lubricant to further improve load carrying ability especially in cases of extreme pressure and slow speed and is ideal for the lubrication of all types of rolling bearings, plain bearings or articulations that are highly loaded, moving at slow speed in an aqueous environment or require very long re-lubrication intervals.

The IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2G is used with great success in the support bearings of hot rolling mills in steel and aluminium processing plants. Temperature range: -10 to 160°C.

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