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Lithium Grease

Lithium greases are the most commonly used greases in industry; the most commonly known lithium grease would be lithium EP which is available in various NLGI grades and are also available with synthetic base oils.

Our IKV-TRIBOLITH EP-2/L and IKV-TRIBOLITH EP-2/D would be our premium EP2 products. They are available in a light beige colour or a darker brown and based upon a refined mineral oil. It is therefore of higher quality than some variants on the market.The term lithium grease can be slightly misleading as the lithium content is actually the thickener used to thicken the oil content to make it grease as opposed to an oil. The formulation of lithium grease includes mineral or synthetic base oil, combined with a lithium thickener, and other additives, to suit special applications.

The use of a lithium thickener assists in increasing the range of operating stability, and the ability of lithium grease to cope with higher temperatures.

Lithium grease adheres well to metal, is non-corrosive, may be used under heavy loads, and exhibits good temperature tolerance.

It has a drop temperature of up to 190°C. Some formulations also include PTFE or other substances as a thickener, such as molybdenum (moly) compounds. However lithium greases can be restricted by the melting of the thickener and in this case lithium complex greases can be used. These have a higher drop point (up to 250°C).

We also carry a range of mixed soap greases such as lithium-calcium EP greases, aluminium and barium.

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