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Many factors must be considered when selecting a lubricant for an application, high in priority is the likely operating temperature of the component. Some applications operate cyclically between a maximum and minimum temperature. Others are more consistent and operate at a fairly steady nominal temperature.

In all cases the nominal, maximum and minimum temperature of operation must be considered in order to determine the most appropriate lubricant.

Simplistically both oils and greases evaporate or degrade at elevated temperatures, some types more than others. Synthetics are generally more thermally stable and resistant to extremes of temperature however for all lubricants a good rule of thumb is that for every 10-15°C raise in temperature, you typically half the life of the lubricant.

Another factor to consider is the viscosity and also the Viscosity Index (VI) of the lubricant. The Viscosity is basically how ‘thick’ the fluid is at a set temperature, usually at 40°C and is measured in Centistokes cSt. The Viscosity Index is a measure of how the viscosity changes with temperature. Fluids become thicker at lower temperatures and thinner at higher temperatures, the ideal lubricant offers a more stable viscosity throughout a wide temperature range, a high VI.

The key to choosing a lubricant with the correct viscosity is knowing the operating temperature and the viscosity can be then chosen to give an adequate lubricant film at that temperature.

Mineral oils are less resistant to degradation than synthetic oils however additives can also be used to enhance the VI and resistance to oxidation.

When we consider grease lubrication the base oil properties must still be considered however we must also be careful with selecting the ideal thickener and additives. Some soaps are more thermally stable than others, some will melt at relatively low temperatures rendering the product useless, some are not compatible with certain materials, some are more resistant to water washout there are many factors to consider. See the ‘PRODUCT’ tab above to view product details.

IKV manufacture a full range of silicone greases – many of which were manufactured for high temperature applications including our

IKV TRIBOSIL PLK 152 grease is a medium viscosity grease formulated from lithium soap and phenyl methyl silicone oil. It has excellent thermal stability and excellent resistance to water, even warm, and steam. It is suitable for the lubrication of seals as well as mechanisms for transforming plastic or rubber parts. Also used for lubricating heads and fans in tile production in the chemical  & textile industries.

IKV TRIBOSIL PLK 152 is generally compatible with all plastics, metals, elastomers and sealsmexcept those containing silicone. It is advisable to perform some preliminary tests. Can be applied with a brush on perfectly clean surfacess. It is an NLGI grade 2 product and has a working temperature of -40 to 220°C.

IKV’s fluorinated oils and greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance throughout a wide range of different industries and applications where conventional and other synthetic lubricants are not able to survive  – for example:-

ZAROX TYA 511 is an NLGI grade 1, non-flammable white grease developed from a perfluoroalkyl polyether type oil, a micronized PTFE thickener and an anti-corrosive additive (not sodium nitrate). It is totally inert physically & chemically in the presence of aggressive liquids or gases (except for fluorinated solvents) and thermal & ionising radiation. ZAROX TYA 511 is also compatible with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics & metals. Applications include: Bearing lubrication—sliding bearing or joints subject to high temperatures or aggressive conditions, curing ovens in glass, textile, plastic film, paint, chemical, nuclear, corrugated card & furnace applications, lubrication in thin films of sliding electrical contacts or as a dielectric agent.
Useful temperature range: -30 to 300°C

ZAROX TYA 512 is a PFPE / PTFE grease that has been developed specifically for the lubrication bearings and components at extreme high temperatures and in harsh environments. It is based upon a very high viscosity, extremely thermally stable PFPE oil, thickened with high grade PTFE and with the addition of a special corrosion inhibitor. The product is totally non-toxic and includes only NSF H1 approved ingredients as required by the food industry. PFPE/PTFE greases have become the industry standard for the lubrication of critical high temperature bearings. The long life and exceptional stability of these greases allows maximum life with long periods between lubrication intervals. ZAROX TYA 512 can massively extend re-lubrication intervals over conventional greases and is available in a wide range of packs and sizes. The most popular pack is the 800g Grease cartridge but 10 & 35Kg kegs are also available.

ZAROX TYA 512 has been specifically developed for the lubrication of bearings running at extreme high temperature and under heavy loads. The product is also ideal for applications requiring chemical resistance or resistance to solvents, acids or radiation. It is also completely compatible with plastics and elastomeric seal materials.

IKV FLUOR MPA 2H is a non-flammable white grease developed from an extremely thermally stable fluorinated oil, tetrafluoroethylene telomers and an anticorrosion additive. This grease provides an extraordinary combination of properties which include :

  • Outstanding oxidation resistance
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers
  • Radiation resistance
  • Exceptional chemical inertness and resistance to chemical degradation

IKV FLUOR MPA 2H is suitable for the lubrication of all bearings, or articulations subjected to extreme temperatures or to aggressive atmospheres able to degrade conventional lubricants. It is especially designed for the lubrication of bearings in drying, stabilisation or polymerisation ovens or processing equipment in the glass, textile, plastic film, paint, chemical, nuclear, robotic and packaging industries. IKV FLUOR MPA 2H is also ideally suited to the lubrication of electrical switches or as a dielectric agent.

IKV FLUOR MPA 2H is available in tubs, cartridges, drums or in aerosol spray form for ease of application. Temperature range: -30 to 300°C.

See also our IKV bentone thickened grease/ gel range. Bentone is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, essentially a fine clay used as a non-melting thickener. Bentone has a high drop point – up to 300°C. This is used as a thickener to give grease/gels good water resistance as well as good mechanical operating stability.

Bentone gels have a low sensitivity to temperature variations and therefore provide greater dynamic viscosity and temperature stability. includes:-

IKV TRIBOSTAR MGI 462 is a high viscosity mineral oil with bentone thickener. It does not melt or become fluid at high temperatures. It has good anti-corrosion properties and good resistance to high loads. It is compatible with most good quality seals. It is ideal for use on bearings, slides and gears operating at high temperatures.

IKV TRIBOSTAR MGI 462 BM is a medium to high viscosity oil with bentone thickener. It is reinforced with Molybdenum Di-sulphide (MoS2) as a boundary lubricant and EP additive. It is non-melting and ideal at high temperatures.

IKV TRIBOSTAR PGL 42 is a PAO with bentone thickener. It is ideal for use on bearings subjected to high temperatures or high rotation speeds or where a weak torque resistance is required.

IKV TRIBOSTAR PGI 102 contains a medium viscosity sythetic base oil with bentone thickener. It offers excellent corrosion protection, resistance to high loads and good mechanical stability.

IKV TRIBOSTAR PGI 102 HT is a synthetic ester with bentone thickener. It is for use on bearings subjected to very high temperatures and heavy loads.

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