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Corrosion Protection Fluids

IKV Lubricants have a range of products for anti-corrosion under our IKV PROTEC name, developed for specific applications, including products which offer a temporary coating to protect against corrosion. This is achieved by means of a physical barrier combined with a polar action to avoid oxidation of the protected surface.

Various products are available with different film thicknesses some of which are designed for easy removal.

They provide excellent protection within a wide range of applications to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. These products are economical and easy to use.

The range contains de-watering and water repellent products, oil film based coatings and wax based anti-corrosion protective films.

Applications include mould tools, car bodies and components, tool storage, rolling stock protection, marine and dock side applications and any other bare metal surfaces which need short or longer term rust protection.

There are also special anti-corrosive products designed for specific applications in the automotive industry and cleaning and protection of sporting guns and weapons.


See below details of our water repellant range. The products are free of chlorinated solvents and provide a thin, oily film onto the treated parts. Specific protection and thickness varies by product. Please contact us for further details.

IKV PROTEC 1631 – thickness 1.8 microns – viscosity at 40°C – cSt 1 – flash point 40°C

IKV PROTEC 1666 – thickness 2.5 microns – viscosity at 40°C – cSt 1.4 – flash point 40°C

IKV PROTEC 1667 – thickness 3.2 microns – viscosity at 40°C – cSt 2.3 – flash point 70°C

IKV PROTEC 2110 – thickness 7.1 microns – viscosity at 40°C – cSt 2.6 – flash point 40°C

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