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Speciality Lubricants

Automotive Lubricants

Squeak & Rattle

Eliminating trim squeaks and rattles has become a major focus for automotive engineers.

IKV carry a full range of products for use on any type of trim component and compatible with all substrate materials, plastics, rubber, metals, leather etc.

We also have anti friction coatings and lubricants for use as a slip coat for seals & weather-strips.

At IKV, we offer an economical means of eradicating unwanted noise without the need for expensive component alterations or material changes.

Automotive Assembly Aids

Our products are used as assembly aids on:

  • Coolant Hoses
  • Window seals & weather-strips
  • Fuel hoses
  • O rings, gaskets & other seals
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Plastic clips
  • Bushings

IKV manufacture a complete range of fluids, gels & dry film lubricants to aid component assembly and decrease assembly effort & process time and they are compatible with most materials used.

Production Line Maintenance

Synthetic lubricants which extend component life, reduce downtime and unscheduled maintenance in:

  • Paint oven conveyors
  • Trolley wheels
  • High temperature conveyor chains
  • E-Coat line – bath/washer chains
IKV manufacture a full range of assembly lubricants for the automotive industry including:

ZAROX OYN 14 – developed for use in applications where a wide operating temperature range, low friction, non-flammability and compatibility with other materials is required.
ZAROX OYC 14 SUV – Similar to OYN 14 but with a UV detectable additive to allow detectability and process control following application if required.

  • Chemically inert
  • Compatible with plastics
  • Temperature range with automotives of -40 to 100°C

ZAROX TYN 142 – A special high performance fluorinated grease.  Totally inert both physically and chemically and is totally resistant to all common solvents, chemicals and water.  Temperature range of -40 to 200°C.  Compatible with most elastomers and plastics.

TRIBOLINE AFC 115 SF – A dry, hard, anti-friction coating that dries quickly at ambient temperatures with a matt finish.  This coating is waterproof, absorbs vibrations and does not crack. Temperature Range -40 to 120°C temperature.
TRIBOLINE AFC 120 – A dry, hard, anti-friction coating that is quick drying, waterproof, and particularly well suited for the lubrication of hard plastic parts, ABS, laquered metals and plastics.

FILMSEC 1035-60 – An air drying, water based, low friction PTFE specifically developed for its excellent lubricity and release properties. Almost clear, thermally stable and chemically inert with a temperature range of -180 to 250ºC.

PLEXSYN SEL 2 – A special, very low temperature lithium soap.   Developed for the lubrication of components where low temperature capability and a wide operating temperature range are required.  Compatible with all plastics.  Durable and capable of normal operating temperatures of -40 to 100°C

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