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PFPE Fluorinated Oils

Perfluoropolyether fluids (PFPE Oils) are synthetic fully fluorinated materials used as lubricants and coatings in the most extreme & critical lubrication applications. Fluorinated oils and greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance throughout a wide range of different industries and applications where conventional and other synthetic lubricants are not able to survive.

IKV Group’s fluorinated lubricants under the brands ZAROX and FLUOR offer the ultimate in choice from a full range of different viscosity fluids, pastes, greases and dispersions with additives where required to suit the specific application. They are also available in a range of different fluid and grease based aerosols.

Our odourless, colourless, inert PFPE fluids offer stability in a range of temperatures up to 350°C and will not carbonise or form sticky deposits.

Equally they can be used in very low temperatures down to –90°C.

IKV Group PFPE fluids are available in a very wide range of viscosities to cover all possible applications and operating parameters. Some of our best selling ZAROX oils were developed for use in applications where a wide operating temperature range, low friction, non-flammability, and compatibility with other materials are required. Some products include additives for corrosion protection, anti-wear and EP properties.

UV additives can also be included which allow detectability and process control in use. These products are classified as non-toxic and is biologically inert and are safe to use with all metals, plastics, leather, elastomers and seal materials.

They are ideal for applications on automotive interior trim where long life and excellent lubricity (a low coefficient of friction) are required.When applied in a thin film they offer excellent ‘anti-squeak’ performance, compatibility with substrates and durability in use. These products can also be used as a slip coating for weather-strip and sealing systems, glass channels, sunroof and door seals.

Bushes, ‘o’ rings, grommets, pivot pins, hinges & springs can also all benefit from a coating of this special PFPE fluid both for ease of assembly and improved location and sealing performance.

Application can be either manual or automated by wiping, spraying, dosing or dipping of the components.

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