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O Ring Coatings

O rings, seals and sealing systems can all benefit from the use of a lubricant to aid assembly and to eliminate pinching and unwanted friction, enhancing their sealing performance and reducing wear. The use of rubber seals creates problems for quality and efficiency in today’s demanding industries and reduction in assembly time and the elimination of noise is of primary concern to design engineers.

To solve these problems the friction coefficient must be lowered to:-

  • Ease assembly
  • Assure that the seal is seated properly without tension that may cause premature wear, or defective sealing
  • Eliminate the risk of rupture (as with the Fluorosilicone)
  • Eliminate stick-slip concerns (noise and squeaks) where micro tapping is present.

Both water and solvent based rubber compatible products are available from IKV.

The choice of product depends on the desired endurance, the risk of contact with dust, and the transfer of product associated with handling. The film created is barely visible but many products are available with the UV tracer material so that it can be detected and monitored on the assembly line.

Plastic Compatible Lubricants

IKV manufacture a full range of special oils and greases for all plastics including Polycarbonate & ABS. These are used in a diverse range of applications from bearings & bushes to linkages & pivots where compatibility of the lubricant is critical.

ZAROX GYC 14 SUV 20 is a UV (Ultra Violet light) detectable version of our ZAROX OYN 14 PFPE fluid, diluted for ease of application in a fluorinated carrier. The product was developed for use in applications where a wide operating temperature range, low friction, non-flammability, and compatibility with other materials is required. Used in combination with a simple UV Lamp, this UV fluorescing material enables improved quality control ensuring that the material has been applied as required.

Because ZAROX GYC 14 SUV 20 is essentially inert and non toxic, it is safe to use with all metals, plastics, leather, elastomers and seal materials and is totally non flammable.

ZAROX GYC 14 SUV 20 is ideal for applications on automotive interior trim where long life and excellent lubricity (a low coefficient of friction) are required. The residual fluid when applied also offers excellent ‘anti-squeak’ performance, compatibility with substrates and durability in use.

The product can also be used as a slip coating for weather-strip and sealing systems, glass channels, sunroof and door seals

This ZAROX product is ideal for use in applications where a large number of small components require the application of a thin film of ‘low friction’, virtually invisible fluid. Bushes, ‘O’ rings, grommets, pivot pins, hinges & springs can all benefit from a coating of this special PFPE fluid.

Application can be either manual or automated by wiping, spraying, tumbling or dipping of the components.

IKV has also developed low friction coatings for the following applications:

  • Assembly aid for O-ring seals
  • Bearing seals
  • Lip seals for gear boxes
  • Rubber sheet stock handling

The IKV FILMSEC range of products offers an effective alternative to silicone emulsions that are no longer permitted in the automotive industry.

Most of our specialist O ring products are manufactured from fully synthetic base products including polyglycols, perfluorinated fluids, PTFE and other dry film lubricants. Some are solvent based and others are water based offering a product to match the requirements of the application.

They are available as fluids, greases, gels and dry film lubricants with variable concentrations and performances according to the needs of the application, the material, surface type and finish.

Many of our products meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers and suppliers, to ease the assembly of hoses, seals, grommets,  suspension bushings, exhaust mounts,  tyre valves and other troublesome parts.

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