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Correct lubrication of chains ensures optimum performance and extends chain life.

The major considerations that assure smooth, continuous operation of chain conveyors and associated components are:

  • Type and effectiveness of the selected lubricant
  • Precise application of the lubricant
  • A maintenance program to assure continuity of operation

Lubricants for roller chains must be selected and applied according to the application and working conditions of the chain. High temperature conveyor chains suffer wear due to the inability of conventional oils to withstand oven/furnace temperatures without evaporating rapidly, forming carbon deposits or leaking.

Our high temperature chain lubricant, IKV TRIBOCHAIN 250 HT SPRAY is a synthetic oil in aerosol form for the lubrication of chains, rollers, pins and slideways in very high temperature applications. It offers protection in temperatures up to 280°C and ensures superior wetting capacity providing a high strength lubricating film and exceptional metal adherence. It is extremely resistant to high temperatures and leaves minimum residues on the chain, providing excellent wear protection and long chain life.

Our anti-fling oil, IKV TRIBOCHAIN 150 WR SPRAY is based upon a special mineral oil with a very viscous and adherent structure. This chain oil has excellent ‘anti-drip’ properties and resists centrifugal fling off. It also has a special anti-corrosion and additive package including VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors).

Our new food grade range also includes IKV TRIBOFOOD CHAIN AND DRIVE SPRAY which is an NSF H1 registered chain spray for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Our TRIBOFOOD X-TREME TF SPRAY with PTFE is also an extremely versatile, fully synthetic lubricant with good corrosion protection and is ideal for clean, long lasting lubrication of chains in the food and other high technology applications. The PTFE eliminates vibration and stick slip, ensuring smooth, effortless operation. It offers very good water displacement properties, protects and extends the life of machine parts and is widely used on chains, bearings and slides in the food industry. It is also NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact.

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