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Anti-Seize Grease

Anti-Seize greases offer separation of surfaces which allows them to prevent seizing of components such as nuts, bolts and other threaded fasteners.

Various solid lubricants are added depending on the requirement of the application, these include copper, aluminium, graphite, nickel, ceramics and lead.

They are not generally suitable for conventional lubrication applications for example bearing lubrication as in these applications better alternatives exist within our product portfolio.

IKV offer a full range of these products including standard and premium copper anti-seize pastes as well as more specialist variations for specific applications and industries.

These compounds ease assembly and disassembly of threaded, press-fit, slip-fit and other metal connections by reducing friction and wear and establishing a barrier between ‘mating’ surfaces. The surfaces are protected from rust, corrosion, galling and seizure. Different formulations are offered depending on the metals to be treated, environment, temperature, load, chemical contact, shock loading and vibration.

Copper Anti-Seize & Assembly Compounds
For general, heavy duty, industrial engineering and automotive applications.

Aluminium-Graphite Anti-Seize
For use in applications where copper and/or lead free products are required, for example where lead must be excluded from potential incidental food or potable water contact.

Nickel Anti-Seize
For use with stainless steel or where extreme high temperatures are encountered.

Chrome Steel Anti-Seize
For use with stainless steel where extreme high temperatures or the use of nickel is prohibited.

Food Machinery Anti-Seize
NSF H1 regstsered, where there is the possibility of incidental contact with food products.

Ceramic Anti-Seize
Very high temperature, heavy duty, metal free anti-seize.

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