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Steel Industry

IKV Lubricants manufacture products which are used in kiln bearings, open gears and drives, ball and rod mills, rolling mills and continuous casting applications.

All of our products are tried and tested in this industrial sector.

Our lubricants are used for the entire process chain leading up to the production of steel, from ore processing, smelting in the blast furnace – including production of the coke required in the process – the actual steelmaking and continuous casting, to the hot and cold rolling mills.

In steel production, low operating and maintenance costs are as important as reliable operation.

Our products support steel production and steel processing plants by supply of speciality lubricants that safeguard production, are eco-friendly and can extend equipment life.

Barium complex greases have excellent properties as high performance greases, they have outstanding chemical resistance, excellent load carrying capacity and good temperature and water resistance as well as good mechanical operating stability.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2G is a special long life, complex barium thickened grease which contains graphite as a solid lubricant to further improve load carrying ability in cases of extreme pressure and slow speed. Offering excellent resistance to ageing, water-washout, vapour, acid and alkaline solutions, IKV-TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2G possesses excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and superior adhesion to metals. Compatible with all seals & elastomers except EPDM, with a temperature range of -10 to 160°C.

Ideal for all types of rolling bearings, plain bearings and highly loaded articulations, or those moving at a slow speed in an aqueous environment. Suitable for all highly loaded mechanical parts that require long re-lubrication intervals.

IKV-TRIBOGRAF 1417 with a synthetic graphite base. Black in colour, the fluid contains additives specially selected to protect against corrosion and the development of bacteria. IKV-TRIBOGRAF 1417 is recommended for the lubrication of chains subject to temperatures in excess of 300°C and above 500°C.  After the evaporation of water, IKV-TRIBOGRAF 1417 leaves a film of dry solid lubricants which ensures good lubrication.

Bentone is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, essentially a fine clay used as a non-melting thickener, ideal for high-temperature applications in the steel industry. The IKV bentone thickened grease/gel range includes:-

IKV-TRIBOSTAR MGI 462 is a high viscosity mineral oil with bentone thickener. It does not melt or become fluid at high temperatures, has good anti-corrosion properties and good resistance to high loads. Compatible with most good quality seals, it is ideal for use on bearings, slides and gears operating at high temperatures.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR MGI 462 BM is a medium to high viscosity oil with bentone thickener. It is re-inforced with Molybdenum Di-sulphide (MoS2) as a boundary lubricant and EP additive. It is non-melting and ideal at high temperatures.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR PGI 42 is a PAO with bentone thickener. Ideal for use on bearings subject to high temperatures and high rotation speeds or where a weak torque resistance is required.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR PGI 102 contains a medium viscosity sythetic base oil with bentone thickener. It offers excellent corrosion protection, resistance to high loads and good mechanical stability.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR EGI 102 GM is a synthetic ester with bentone thickener. For use on bearings subject to high temperatures and heavy loads.

The IKV-TRIBOSTAR MAK RANGE have a mineral oil base with good pumpability and temperature ranges of -15 to 160°C suitable for large centralised greasing systems.

IKV’s fluorinated oils and greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance across a wide range of industries and applications where conventional and other synthetic lubricants do not last, for example:-

ZAROX TYA 511 is a non-flammable, NGLI grade 1 white grease with a micronized PTFE thickener and anti-corrosive additive. Suitable for use as a dielectric agent, the ZAROX TYA 511 is totally inert physically & chemically in the presence of aggressive liquids and gases (except for fluorinated solvents), and thermal & ionising radiation. Compatible with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics & metals, and a temperature range of -30 to 300°C.

ZAROX TYA 512 is a PFPE / PTFE grease developed specifically for the lubrication of bearings and components at extreme high temperatures, under heavy loads and in harsh environments. Based upon a very high viscosity, it is extremely thermally stable PFPE oil, thickened with high grade PTFE and the addition of a special corrosion inhibitor. Totally non-toxic, the ZAROX TYA 512 is NSF H-1 approved, suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Ideal for applications requiring chemical resistance or resistance to solvents, acids and radiation, it is compatible with most plastics and elastomeric seal materials and has a temperature range of -30 to 300°C.

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