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Speciality Lubricants

Mining, Cement & Brick

IKV manufacture a full range of products for kiln bearings, open gears and drives, ball & rod mills, rolling mills and continuous casting.

Equipment in the brick, concrete and cement industries is often exposed to extreme working conditions. Environmental factors include dust, humidity and often high or variable temperatures.

Equipment failure and subsequent down time represents significant loss of revenue and is a major factor in production costs as alterative systems are not usually available.

At IKV Lubricants our engineers and technicians have years of experience maufacturing lubricants for these heavy duty industries and have developed a full range of lubricants for use in this environment.

IKV Lubricants high performance products extend equipment life, lower maintenance costs and increase efficiency.

Our IKV-TRIBOGEAR range of products are specially formulated for open gears used extensively in the steel, brick, concrete and cement, mining and chemical industries. The range includes aluminium complex greases with high quality graphite content and are designed for use in manual and automatic lubricating systems.

Aluminium Complex Greases

IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-0 contains graphite and is specifically developed for open gear lubrication. Based upon a high viscosity mineral oil, IKV TRIBOGEAR OGH-0 is ideal for the lubrication of open and semi enclosed gears and drives. It is black in colour and water resistant, with excellent shock load resistance and outstanding resistance to corrosion.

IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-OO/R contains graphite, and is used for the running-in of new gears. Its purpose is to eliminate the surface roughness of the teeth, and it is used as a repair lubricant for small defects in open-gears such as scoring and roughness.

IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-0 PLUS has been designed specifically for oversized or overloaded gears working in extreme conditions. It can also be used in normal working conditions whenever a lubricant with higher perfomance than TRIBOGEAR OGH-0 is required.

IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-3000 contains graphite and has been developed specifically for open gear lubrication. Based on a high viscosity semi-synthetic oil, TRIBOGEAR OGH-3000 has a temperature range of -10 to 150°C and offers outstanding protection in harsh working environments.

Also available are IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-1000 & IKV-TRIBOGEAR OGH-1500 PLUS. These  special service greases have higher viscosity base oils (ISO VG 1000 & ISO VG 1500), which meet the specifications of some open gear manufacturers.

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