IKV Group

Speciality Lubricants

Research & Development

Our Research and Development (futhermore R&D) Teams within IKV Group are key to ensuring that we are at the forefront in developing new lubricant technologies.

The strategies for today’s R&D decisions are made by consideration of market and technical trends from lubricant customers and high technology machinery manufacturers.

At IKV Group, we prioritise R&D projects in order to meet the imminent needs of the market.

Also, IKV offices around the world contribute to product development and assist the technical team as they strive to cater for the specific local market and industry requirements in the field of industrial oils and speciality greases.

IKV aim to innovate constantly and to investigate new raw materials and production processes as well as developing new products to meet future trends.

We always ensure that new products offer high levels of benefit to the customer and maximum reliability.

We are rigorous in our testing ensuring our lubricants, oils and greases meet the demands of performance, safety, hygiene and environmental considerations.

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