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IKV supply biodegradable cleaning solvents, greases, oils & dry film coatings for high technology. These lubricants extend plant equipment, reduce wear & enhance productivity.

IKV is also committed to protecting the environment by manufacturing a range of ecological, high performance lubricants. They operate in Europe under Directive 2005/360/EC and are eligible for an Eco-Label.

By producing more durable, long-life lubricants the Eco-Label products reduce the amount of lubricant required & thereby reduce the impact on the environment.

The majority of the formulation use synthetic base oils thus offering higher performance & longer life.

IKV TRIBOGEAR 150, 220 and 460 – a range of environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricants which provide the following benefits:

  • Bio-degradability
  • Good resistance to extreme pressure
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Anti-foaming & anti-oxidant properties
  • Many are FLENDER manufacturer approved

IKV TRIBOGEAR 220 is a synthetic ester environmentally friendly biodegradable oil with extreme pressure additives, formulated according to ecological criteria defined by the European Commission (Directive 2005/360/EC) and is suitable for use in wind turbine, food processing and beverage packaging industries.

IKV TRIBOGEAR 220 has superior anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam and anti-oxidant properties. It reduces friction and wear of gearboxes, especially at low and high temperatures, is appropriate whenever extreme oil pressure and long term use is necessary. It is suitable for all reducing loaded, toothed, cylindrical, helical, and hypoid bevel, wheel and worm gears.

IKV TRIBOGEAR 220 is miscible with mineral oils and oil type polyalphaolefin. To maintain its biodegradability properties, a prior rinsing of the installation is however recommended.

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