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PFPE Greases

Our PFPE greases are based upon fluorinated fluids thickened with PTFE to make a wide range of different greases. They offer excellent high and low temperature performance,  excellent load bearing characteristics and are chemically resistant for use in critical applications within a diverse range of industries.

They are resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis, water, steam and gases. They are often used in the lubrication of bearings in high temperatures such as furnace bearings and mechanisms in contact with oxygen, alkalis, solvents, gas and flammable fuels.

PFPE greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance with extremely long life and they excel in the most aggressive working conditions.

IKV fluorinated lubricants are branded ZAROXFLUOR and TRIBOFLON offering the ultimate in choice from a full range of different viscosity base oils, pastes, greases and dispersions with additives where required to suit the specific application.

IKV PFPE greases are available with a wide variety of base oil viscosities generally thickened with the finest grades of PTFE to form white, high performance greases in a range of different consistencies. They are available in NLGI grade 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 & 3.

PFPE greases are the ultimate lubricants to use in extreme temperatures. They will outperform all other greases in extreme high temperature applications, often outlasting conventional and other synthetic lubricants many times over. Conversely they also have a very low pour point and are ideal for low temperature, freezing and cryogenic applications.

Due to their unrivalled chemical resistance these greases are widely used in chemical valves, oxygen and chlorine service and many applications where chemically inert greases are essential.

PFPE greases offer excellent electrical resistance and can be used as electrical contact lubricants in power distribution, electronics and switchgear.

They are non–reactive with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber and can be used on O rings, bushes, grommets and a wide range of seals and other components.

They are also non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally safe and contain no volatile organic chemicals.

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