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Standard Packaging

There is some confusion with grease packaging due to varying material density. For example a 450cc cartridge will weigh 400g when filled with conventional grease but 600g when filled with fluorinated greases which have a higher specific gravity.

Density is the ratio of the mass of a substance to its volume. Absolute density is usually expressed as kg/m³ but may also be quoted as kg/litre and as g/litre. Relative density (or specific gravity – SG) is the comparison of the density of a substance with the density of freshwater – both at quoted reference temperatures and as a dimensionless ratio.

IKV offer a full range of specialist lubrication products. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange a free on-site survey.

IKV products are generally packed in to the following filled pack sizes:


450cc cartridges
600g cartridges (fluorinated greases)
800g cartridges (fluorinated greases)
500g tub (fluorinated greases)
1 kg tub
2 kg tub
5 kg tub
10 kg drum
25 kg drum
50 kg drum
185 kg drum

Oils, fluids & solvents

5 litres
20 litres
25 litres
60 litres
200 litres
1000 litres (IBC)
500g bottles or tubs (fluorinated products)
1 kg tub (fluorinated greases)
4 kg (fluorinated greases)
9 kg (fluorinated greases)

Please see download tab for detailed packaging dimensions. See our Specialist Packaging page for other packaging options including syringes, sachets, Dabomatic™ applicator bottles and other small application specific packaging.

We also have a full range of Aerosol Sprays.

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