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Wind Power

We supply greases, oils and dry film coatings for wind turbines. Due to the technological advances in the wind power industry, use of the correct lubricant is now more essential than ever to prevent costly down time and repair.

Wind turbines place heavy demands on bearings and gear box components and lubrication is essential.

The wind power industry is also trying to move toward more environmentally friendly lubricants and to place less reliance on fossil fuels.

Wind turbine lubes need to be cost effective thereby allowing wind power to be competitive compared to conventional energy sources.

The wind turbine gear box is very complex and the high load placed on the bearings by the blade is a common cause for failure.

IKV have developed innovative products to deliver reliable, cost-effective lubricants to the wind power industry in conjunction with the turbine manufacturers and component suppliers.

At IKV we are particularly focused on:-

  • Quality control
  • Consistent product performance
  • Increased turbine efficiency
  • Friction reduction thereby reducing energy loss
  • Extension of component life
  • Optimum performance
  • Continued development & evolution of lubricant to maintain pace with technological advances


IKV-TRIBOGEAR XP RANGE – mineral gear oil provided with special properties to avoid scuffing, micropitting, etc.

IKV-TRIBOGEAR SHC RANGE – 100% PAO synthetic oil for gears. High viscosity index, excellent antiwear properties evidenced at FZG test, micropitting, Fe8, etc.

IKV-TRIBOGEAR PG W RANGE – Polyglycol base synthetic gear oils. Superior viscosity index, excellent antiwear properties evidenced at FZG test, micropitting, Fe8, etc.


IKV TRIBOLINE HLQ HM RANGE – Hydraulic oil per DIN 51524, HLP class. (Available in different viscosities).

IKV also supply lubrication for HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKE and PITCH REGULATION with high viscosity index hydraulic oil per DIN 51524, HVLP class. (Available in different viscosities).


IKV-TRIBOGEAR PG W – Polyglycol base synthetic gear oils. Superior viscosity index, excellent anti-wear properties evidenced at FZG test, Micropitting, Fe8, etc. See our PDF in the download tab on this page for more details about our environmentally responsible range.


IKV-PLEXSYN PLK 251/2 – Synthetic base grease with EP & anti-wear additives. Offers protection against mechanical wear & ageing, and resistance to high temperatures & false brinelling.

WHITE BEARING GREASE – Lithium soap thickened grease with white solid lubricants.


IKV-PLEXSYN PLK 461/2 – lithium complex thickened grease based on a synthetic oil with exceptional anti-corrosion, EP & anti-wear properties. Compatible with the majority of plastics and seal materials. Temperature range of -40 to 150°C.

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