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Specialist Packaging

We supply our products in standard containers for oils and greases – bottles, drums, and pails, however, because our customers have applications which require more accurate application we also package our products in a variety of small, convenient, application-specific dispensers.

Oil Dispensers
We supply oil in smaller dispensers including small bottles with dispensing nozzles, precision oilers and Dabomatics™. These bottles provide an economical way to apply small amounts of synthetic oil to your part.

Precision oilers use narrow gauge needles to dispense small amounts of oil into tight spaces.

We can also label them to your specification so that they can be used as after sales maintenance parts by equipment or automotive manufacturers for use by the end-user.

Spray-On Applicators
Spray-On Applicators include aerosol cans and pump sprays.

Aerosols offer an effective means of applying oil solutions, grease dispersions and dry film lubricants.

Pump sprays are an economical alternative to aerosol cans, especially when only a few hundred units are required for a non-standard product.

Hand-Held Grease Dispensers
Our hand-held grease dispensers include tubes, plastic syringes and plastic grease gun cartridges. Because we pre-fill the syringes this saves your operators the time involved in re-packaging these containers by hand in the factory.

Automated Grease Dispensing
We can supply grease dispensing equipment and Single Point Automatic Lubricators.

Tubes & Sachets
We can also arrange to supply contract packets of liquid products to client marketing and engineering requirements at fills between 0.50 and 125.00 ml/grm. Tubes and sachets available in single measured dose shots, are free from any cross-contamination with screw cap tubes for re-usable applications. Tubes and sachets filled and printed to client engineering and marketing requirements – minimum orders apply.

IKV offer a full range of specialist lubrication products. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange a free on-site survey.

Please see our downloads for full details of our specialist packaging options including own label projects. We offer design consultancy to our customers and can supply product, datasheet and safety data requirements under your brand.

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