IKV Group

Speciality Lubricants

Casting & Forging

IKV have a full range of lubricants, greases, oils & dry film coatings for casting & forging applications. These include neat oils and soluble oils to be used neat or water emulsified in metal forming processes, in plastic deformation (without originating chips) such as drawing, wire drawing, calibrating and similar processes of any type of metal.

Our products are formulated with highly refined mineral and synthetic oils containing suitable EP (extreme pressure) additives for each operation including anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-corrosion additives to provide machines and components with the best possible protection.

All our products contain special additives for effective lubrication to reduce the friction co-efficient thereby improving movement through the plastic deformation zone and avoiding plastic recovery.

The special additives also offer protection against the primary oxidation of the metal parts.

The IKV range increase production efficiency due to less broken and defective parts and increased protection of machinery.

Our ranges include products for the following applications:


  • Evaporable fluids for stamping
  • Aluminium blade hobbing
  • Aluminium, copper, brass and bronze stamping and drawing
  • Steel stamping and drawing
  • Stainless steel stamping and drawing
  • Fine cutting
  • Alloyed steel calibration
  • Extrusion of aluminium profiles
  • Aluminium and copper cold rolling
  • Aluminium wire drawing
  • Brass hot stamping
  • Steel forging
  • Aluminium dye casting


  • Copper and brass wire drawing
  • Aluminium dye casting
  • Steel and stainless steel stamping
  • Tube forming
  • Copper, brass and bronze rolling

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