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Anti-seize and Pastes

Pastes are not greases but are a compound that are often mistaken for grease. They are generally composed of non-melting thickener, a base oil and a content of solid lubricants or soft metallic materials.

They offer separation of surfaces which allows them to prevent seizing of components such as nuts, bolts and other threaded fasteners.

Various solid lubricants are added depending on the requirement of the application, these include copper, aluminium, graphite, nickel, ceramics and lead.

IKV Lubricants offer a full range of these products including standard and premium copper anti-seize pastes as well as more specialist variations for specific applications and industries.

They are not generally suitable for conventional lubrication applications such as bearing lubrication, as better alternatives exist within our product portfolio.

BESLUX ATOX ASP-2 – A premium quality, food grade complex soap. Poly-isobutylene and special additives provide the grease with outstanding lubrication properties and extremely high water resistance. Designed for use on mechanisms operating in wet environments and high loads. The additive package provides outstanding anti-corrosive performance, superior adherence to sustrates and E.P. properties.

  • Offers high lubricating capacity in very stringent service conditions
  • NSF H1 registered
  • Fortified with PTFE
  • Suitable for ANTI-SEIZE APPLICATIONS in food production areas
  • Can be used in bearings operating at temperatures ranging from -20 to 150ºC

Due to its high water resistance the BESLUX ATOX ASP 2 is suitable for the lubrication of chains in wet environments, for example those involved in food transportation, packaging, abattoirs and food canning.

IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2 G  A special long life grease with mineral base oil. Excellent resistance to ageing, water washout, hot water, vapour, acid and alkaline solutions. Ideal when extended re-lubrication intervals are required.

  • Excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosive properties and superior adhesion to metals
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 150°C
  • Compatible with all seals and elastomers except EPDM
  • Contains graphite as a solid lubricant to further improve load carrying ability especially in cases of extreme pressure and slow speed

Ideal for all types of rolling bearings, plain bearings or articulations that are highly loaded, or moving at slow speed in an aqueous environment. IKV TRIBOSTAR MBK 2201/2 is suitable for highly loaded mechanical parts that require long re-lubrication intervals and is used with great success in the support bearings of hot rolling mills in steel and aluminium processing plants.

IKV offer a full range of specialist lubricant products. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange a free on-site survey.

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