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Non Silicone Mould Release Agents

Many automotive manufacturers do not allow silicone products on-site as it is known to migrate & cause problems with paint finishing namely ‘fish-eyes’. Paint fish-eyes are small,“BB-sized”dimples or craters that form in the liquid paint film right after spraying. If watched closely when forming, the paint will actually flow up and out of the small dimple or crater. Contaminants – including silicone – mixed with the paint are pushing the paint out of the area. If these flaws in the paint are deep enough, you can sometimes see the primer or sealer under the colourcoat.

IKV offer alternative products which do not contain silicone but can be used in the same way.

Our IKV TRIBOGLIDE NON-SILICONE MOULD RELEASE SPRAY is a silicone free release agent for use as an anti-adherent in plastic injection moulding and welding. The parts in contact with the mould release can be printed and painted without any compatibility issues. It provides a fine layer of product (when sprayed from 30-40cm) and offers excellent demoulding results. Pack size: 400ml aerosol spray

IKV FILMSEC 1010 is a dispersion of PTFE (tetrafluoroethylene telomers) in isopropyl alcohol. After evaporation of the solvent, it remains as a white and waxy lubricant, which with its high content in fluorine, exhibits the following properties:

–    Outstanding lubricity
–    Excellent thermal stability
–    A high degree of chemical inertness
–    Non flammability
–    Insoluble
–    Excellent nonstick and separation qualities
–    Reduces the friction coefficient of the substrate

To obtain a stronger adhesion of the coating to its substrate, it is ideal to oven bake the treated part for 5 to 10 minutes at 305 to 310 °C.

IKV FILMSEC 1010 may be applied pure or diluted, depending on the desired effect. The product is also available in aerosol form. Typical applications include:

–    Release of plastics and rubber parts
–    Sizing of sintered metal parts
–    Dry film lubrication
–    Metal working (extrusion, rolling, cutting)
–    Additive in waxes and polishes for skis, auto bodies, and  boat hulls
–    Masking (protecting surfaces) for paint or varnish application
–    Additive for elastomers and paints.

For more extreme conditions a fluorinated (PFPE) grease may be more suitable – see case study in download tab above. Synthetic fully fluorinated materials are used as lubricants and coatings in the most extreme & critical lubricant applications. Fluorinated oils and greases offer the ultimate in lubricant performance across a range of industries and applications where conventional and other synthetic lubric

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