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Anti-Seize Pastes

IKV offer a full range of heavy duty, high temperature anti-seize compound pastes including standard and premium copper anti-seize pastes as well as more specialist variations for specific applications and industries. Various solid lubricants are added depending on the requirement of the application which include copper, aluminium, graphite, nickel, ceramics and lead.

Anti-seize pastes are not greases but are a compound that is often mistaken for grease. They are generally composed of non-melting thickener, a base oil and a content of solid lubricants or soft metallic materials.

They offer separation of surfaces which allows them to prevent the seizing of components such as nuts, bolts and other threaded fasteners.

Copper Anti-Seize & Assembly Compound
For general, heavy duty industrial engineering and automotive applications.

Aluminium-Graphite Anti-Seize
For use in applications where copper and/or lead free products are required, for example where lead must be excluded from potential incidental food or potable water contact.

Nickel Anti-Seize
For use with stainless steel or where extreme high temperatures are encountered.

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