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Assembly Aids

IKV Lubricants manufacture a range of specialist lubricants which can be used as assembly aids or as a temporary friction modifier in order to help components slide more easily together whilst not affecting their performance after assembly. Some of these products are available in aerosol or spray form to allow the application of a thin film accurately applied only where required. The products have been designed with the following properties:

•    Ease of application
•    Compatibility with all plastics, rubbers and paints
•    Reduction in the co-efficient of friction, aids smooth, stick-slip free movement
•    Temporary, semi-permanent or permanent effect, depending upon application requirement.

Components such as rubber hoses, plastic bushes and ‘o’ rings can all benefit from a thin film of lubricant to reduce the surface co-efficient of friction and allow smooth, effortless assembly and movement whilst also ensuring better sealing and performance whilst fitted. Insertion/assembly forces can be significantly reduced helping to alleviate the need for expensive jigs and eliminating potential for RSI (repetitive strain injury), where repeated operations are necessary.

This range of products has been developed to aid the assembly or fitting of components made of rubber, plastic or other difficult to assemble materials.

IKV also manufacture assembly greases and gels which are available with variable concentrations according to the needs of the application. They meet the requirements of manufacturers, easing assembly of components and thus gaining productivity, reducing fitting efforts without the lubricant migrating onto other components.

Our range of PFPE sprays which includes ZAROX OYN 14 SPRAY, IKV FLUOR 32 SPRAY, IKV FLUOR 70 Spray are ideal for use as assembly aids. They will reduce the friction co-efficient, which will reduce the effort and the time needed for installation of the component.

Typical applications include:

•    Fitting and lubrication of automotive seals and weather-strips
•    Anti-squeak and component lubrication on interior trim of vehicles
•    Thin film lubrication of pivots, pins, springs, bushings and sliding contacts in a wide range of industries.

Temperature range: -40 to 200°C
Pack size: 150, 300 or 400 ml with extension tubes

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