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We supply specilist grease for segmented tyre moulds and in a very competitive tyre market, cost-effective maintenance of press moulds is crucial.

Tyre manufacturers need a lubricant that gives long lubrication intervals and consistent quality.

IKV Lubricants can meet this challenge by offering a grease that will effectively lubricate segmented tyre moulds for a complete tyre production run, helping to produce high quality tyres day in and day out.

IKV-FLUOR TA 3H is a cost-effective tyre mould lubricant for segmented tyre moulds.

Tyre manufacturers found in testing that IKV-FLUOR TA 3H is a cost-effective long-term lubricant for its tyre moulds.

IKV-FLUOR TA 3H demonstrated continued excellent performance. It can be used on all types of segmented moulds (steam heated and electrically heated) and all types of sliding metal surfaces. Its color is white and very distinguishable, leading to efficient and complete coverage of metal surfaces and easily preventing inadvertent and unnoticed contamination of tyres.

Advantages of using IKV FLUOR TA 3H GREASE:-

  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs – IKV-FLUOR TA 3H allows the operators to significantly increase production by extending re-lubrication intervals and preventing tyre defects due to cross contamination that typically occurs with more conventional lubricants.
  • The IKV-FLUOR TA 3H is chemically inert and unaffected by steam and hot water. It will withstand temperatures up to 300°C and does not carbonize or fume.
  • IKV-FLUOR TA 3H is easy to apply and offers strong adhesion to clean metal surfaces.
  • The IKV-FLUOR TA 3H allows longer intervals between re-lubrication and, in many cases, will last the full production run.
  • The IKV-FLUOR TA 3H lowers the friction coefficient and eliminates residues thus allowing tighter closing segments, reducing the risk of whiskers and flashing.

Application Methods

Initial applications for cleaned segment: apply with a clean brush or auto body putty knife.

Subsequent applications apply with a clean brush, auto body putty knife or paint roller (20mm OD X 80mm to 100mm wide of a short hair nap).

Some plants use an air gun with our 500g cartridges as an applicator.

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