IKV Group

Speciality Lubricants

Penetrating Lubricants

IKV manufacture a full range of penetrating lubricants which:-

•    Lubricate and protect metal to reduce friction and wear
•    Penetrate and free rusted parts and sticky mechanisms
•    Displace moisture and prevents corrosion
•    Cutting, tapping , reaming, boring

These lubricant sprays are multi-purpose – they offer superior lubrication, penetration and elimination of rust, displacement of moisture and metal protection against elements and corrosion.

IKV TRIBOFOOD PENETRATING SPRAY  penetrates fast through rust and dirt therefore allowing the release of seized mechanisms such as screws, bolts and locks. It is ideal for all types of hinges and windows as well as delicate mechanisms requiring light lubricating oil such as bicycles, rifles etc. It also offers protection against humidity and weather, offers protection against rust and displaces water from electronic devices such as plugs, PCB’s, switches & contacts. It is dispensed as an ultra-fine spray allowing the operator accurate control to apply the product to the required area without staining to the surrounding materials. One application offers superior results.

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