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IKV Launch New NSF 3H Grease for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Food Packaging Industries

IKV are manufacturers of a full range of food grade lubricants, all having NSF H1, H2, H3 & 3H classification.

Lubricants for use within food processing & manufacturing the products must be totally non-toxic and satisfy the regulations for non-food compounds used in food manufacturing and food packaging plants.

Our new grease is registered NSF 3H by the NSF for use in both direct contact applications (Class 3H) and where there is potential for incidental food contact (Classes H1 and HT1) – NSF 3H Registration number: 140552. It is a very high performance, extreme pressure lubricant specially blended for the lubrication of machinery used in the food and beverage processing and packaging industries.

Please contact us for information about our new NSF 3H approved grease – Food Glide 3H Grease

Food Glide 3H Grease is a premium quality, non-toxic lubricant designed for optimum lubrication in food & pharmaceutical environments where direct food contact is inevitable.

Food Glide 3H Grease is suitable for all bearing types and protection of seals, guides, bearings, blades and sliding surfaces on mixers, peelers, slicers, mincers and seals.

Food Glide 3H Grease is also designed for use as a release agent on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards and other hard surfaces that come in contact with food stuff to prevent the adherence during processing.


  • Exceptional wear resistance prolonging component life
  • Excellent load carrying properties
  • Multi-purpose applications at wide temperatures
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Good sealing properties to prevent contamination
  • Wide Temp Range –30°c to 120°c
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