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Speciality Lubricants

IKV Group launch oils and greases for medical and dental applications

Hygiene and environmental regulations require lubricants to be effective yet biologically inert when used in hospital wards, operating theatres and hospital laboratories.

IKV Group manufacture a number of special greases and oils to be used in both medical and dental applications including a full range of fluorinated products.

Our full range of perfluoropolyether (PFPE) sprays and aerosols are chemically inert, oxygen compatible, non-flammable, non-migrating and most importantly are biologically inert and crucially do not support biological growth.

The IKV fluorinated aerosol range includes IKV-FLUOR 32 C SPRAY, IKV-FLUOR 70 SPRAY, IKV-FLUOR 141 SPRAY, IKV-FLUOR MPA 2H SPRAY and IKV-FLUOR 32 SPRAY. 

Our ZAROX MEDI-LUBE  is a non-flammable, colourless and odourless perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluid formulated into aerosol form for ease of application which is extensively used as an ‘anti-squeak’ coating on medical cubicle curtains.

The product was developed for use as a lubricating anti-friction coating on a wide range of substrates including plastics, elastomers and leather. The product is totally compatible with all commonly used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals, providing a durable, low friction film and eliminating unwanted noise and friction. This totally colourless lubricant leaves a long lasting lubricating film, which does not stain the substrate.

ZAROX MEDI-LUBE is suited to all types of industry where a high technology lubricant or coating is required.

ZAROX MEDI-LUBE is chemically inert and can be used in the presence of liquid and gaseous oxygen and other reactive chemicals.

Temperature range: -40 to 200°C.

Pack size: 100ml with extension nozzle.

Please also speak to us about PFPE oils which can also be used in these applications. For advice on the best product for you application or for a free consultation, please contact us.

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