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IKV UK launch new maintenance sprays – copper anti-seize, open gear and PTFE dry film aerosols.

IKV are pleased to announce the launch of their new maintenance sprays – TRIBOFOOD PTFE Dry Film Spray, TRIBOGEAR Open Gear Spray & COPPER ANTI-SEIZE spray.

Our IKV COPPER ANTI SEIZE Spray is a non-melting lubricant for the prevention of seizure and is effective up to 1200°C. It is extremely temperature resistant, protects screw threads, linkages, pivots and mating surfaces. It is ideal for high loads, reduces fretting corrosion and resists wash off. It can be used on bearings, pivots, slides and articulations in the presence of water, chemical & galvanic corrosion. It prevents the ingress of water and corrosive solutions.

IKV TRIBOFOOD PTFE DRY FILM Spray is a non-staining & friction reducing, multi-purpose, convenient-to-use, dry film lubricant. It is a clear, non-toxic premium quality spray with food safe ingredients, ideal for use in the food industry for the protection of seals and bearings. It offers an effective temperature resistance from -20 to 270°C and is safe for use where incidental contact with food may occur. The lubricant forms a clean, dry film with effective anti-stick properties and offers good resistance to water, oils and solvents.
IKV TRIBOGEAR OPEN GEAR Spray is a premium quality, highly adhesive, waterproof, heavy duty, tenacious lubricant for open lubrication points. It is the ideal heavy duty lubricant for chains, open gears, wire ropes, telescopic booms, guides and slides. It is highly water resistant, extreme high load, long-life grease in a handy to use aerosol spray. It is formulated with premium quality aluminium complex grease, refined base oils and incorporates solid lubricating additives, polymers, extreme pressure additives, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors.
Please contact us for technical details, pricing and samples.
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