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IKV Launch NEW NSF H1 ester based high temperature chain oil for bakery oven chains and conveyors.

The BESLUX CHAIN VLTR 320 ATOX is a premium quality, food grade, synthetic ester chain lubricant manufactured using the latest technologically advanced additive package. This new technology sub micron ceramic additive package ensures excellent lubrication up to 650°C as a dry film and the synthetic base oil offers protection up to 300°C as a wet lubricant.

BESLUX CHAIN VLTR 320 ATOX has excellent thermal stability, protecting and extending the life of the chain at higher temperatures. The new technology base oil and additive package ensures that the chain runs at optimum life with minimum “stretch” and wear. The base oil does not carbonise even at higher temperatures, giving you a clean, long lasting chain oil, therefore reducing maintenance and production costs.

BESLUX CHAIN VLTR 320 ATOX is designed for use on all high temperature chains in the food industry, such as bakery oven chains and attachment chains. The product is Nonfood Compounds Program Listed H1 Registration number 148657.

BESLUX CHAIN VLTR 320 ATOX operates over a wide operating range from -40 to 300°C as a wet lubricant. It penetrates into links and pins thus offering protection in the highest potential wear areas.

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